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You are leaving money on the table if you are not employing these tactics...

Your real estate business will never be the same after this training!

Book: Switch - How to Change Things, When Change is Hard

Recommended Prerequisite: Read the Book Called Switch

Direct the Rider

Find the bright spots. Script the critical moves. Point to the destination. What looks like resistance (with your team) is often a lack of clarity. You will get crystal clear direction from Double My Business!

Motivate the Elephant

What looks like laziness (with your team) is often exhaustion. It is critical that you engage people's emotional side. What is their BIG WHY? Are their goals big enough to power your goals for team production?

Shape the Path

What looks like a people problem is often a situation problem. We call the situation (including the surrounding environment) the "Path." When you shape the Path, you make organizational change more likely, no matter what's happening with the Rider and Elephant.

Read the Book! Start a Team Book Club

In 2011, John Pohly joined a book club on Switch at Keller Williams Realty International. It is no co-incidence that KWRI won several awards that same year for the creation of the first lead to closing software in the real estate industry.

Now You Got the Buy-In...

You are sold on the concept. Your team understands that a call center will improve every team member's business. In Double Your Business, you will learn how to make the transition with your people.

From This Point Forward

Hindsite is 20/20. Almost everyone I train would wishes they could go back in time and change setup of our teams based on what we know today (people, compensation, technology). From this point forward you are going to follow this blueprint for hiring with a call center in mind.

Wait and Pay More...

Early adopters always save money. Get it now even if you can not implement today. The reason is that this lifetime membership is offered at a 1-time price.

Do this. You spend a lot more money on things that do not build you business. Look at the top 20 real estate teams in the country. They all use the phones, yet no one is giving the blueprint to help you achieve closings of 300, 400, 500 or even 600 a year like Brett Tanner does.

You generate hundreds of internet leads every month. Are you converting them to appointments?

Join the club. Thanks to better websites and better funnels, lead generation has become easier. Why are most agents settling for 1 appointment out of 100 leads?

Studies show that it is consistency in communication that wins the appointment! Most agents give up after 1 phone call.

I can not afford $2,000 to visit the Brett Tanner clinic in Arizona. What can I do?

Brett has trained hundreds of agents on-site in Phoenix, AZ. If you do not have 2K to learn from the best, click the blue button below:

"Agents that only chase internet leads and only make a first phone call for their follow-up are doomed to fail. Join the Double My Business health care plan to prevent business failure!" - John Pohly

"But wait, I am not ready for a call center..."

Are you ready for more business. Start with you and an admin. That is how Brett Tanner did it when he started only 7 years ago.

Start where you are now. Wether you are making the calls or you have hired your first ISA, this is a blueprint you can follow!

"I can wing it on my own..."

Maybe you can. In a recent inteview, Brett said that with his knowledge today he could build a million dollar team in 1 year instead of 5 years. This is your chance to skip 4 years and learn from someone who has mastered a lot of real estate systems!

BUY NOW and save 5 minutes by not reading and more small text on this long landing page. You have likely heard of Brett Tanner and John Pohly before landing on this page. Learn this same top-of-mind marketing system for your real estate business!

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John Pohly and Brett Tanner are power users of the top real estate technologies in the housing industry:

Every company listed has benefited from John Pohly and Brett Tanner's trainings on real estate. These are the same tools that they use on their respective teams:


6 Thumbs Up

Improve Lead Generation and Conversion

Sell Phone Systems

Probably the most important piece to a call center or even a solo-agent dialing for dollars. We evaluate all of the popular phone systems for tracking and inbound/outbound lead routing and auto-dialing!

Circle Prospecting

This topic alone is worth the price of admission. These strategic phone calls are some of the best leads for buyers and sellers. Learn the data sources, scripts and software to make your call time-blocking efficient!

House Value Funnels

John Pohly has it down to a science. You will want a long-term nurture program designed by Brett to make sure you are making the most of these leads.


Organizational Structure

Brett has some of the best organizational systems in the business. His hiring approach includes every agent starting in the call center to work side by side with the dedicated inside and outside sales associates.

Landing Pages, Sites, CRM's, and Systems 

Not all technology is created equal. You will get recommendations for any budget. Learn what software programs will plays nicely together!


Brett and John will share insight and sample ads for recruiting. You should always be looking for talent, not just when you have an immediate need!

About Brett Tanner

Owner of The Brett Tanner Team in Arizona

680 Closings in 1 Year

YES, it really did happen! Brett has been consistently producing big numbers for each of his seven years in real estate. He had great mentors that taught him the importance of building a call center. In 2007, it was just Brett Tanner and his admin and today he has a team of 20 that includes inbound and outbound sales assosiates and real estate agents.

Brett is not slowing down. In this training you will learn the methods that Brett used to generate over 6,000 leads in October 2015!

About John Pohly

The C.F.O. (Chief Funnel Operator)

#1 Lead Generator

John Pohly wrote the book "The Ultimate Conversion Funnel Blueprint" and hosts multiple podcasts for the housing industry. John has held several housing positions over the past 15 years: new construction sales, mortgage origination, and real estate. 

In 2014, John Pohly won the lead generation award in a contest for the largest real estate brokerage in the world.

Purchase Now Even If You Are Not Ready...

Brett Tanner did not build his call center overnight.

This membership site will give you phone and lead strategies to work on even if you are not ready to hire your first ISA or build your call center

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John Pohly,
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In closing, we would like to say this...

You could easily spend $5,000 to spend a few days with John or Brett in-person. For less than $500 you can gain a wealth of knowledge and an exact growth path for building the call center to take you to the next level in your business.

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